Zoom talk on “Version control and git for beginners” from the Grenoble (FR) R user group

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The next talk of Grenoble’s R user group will be on May 06, 2021 at 5PM (FR) and is free and open to all:

Version control and git for beginners

    Git is a version control system whose original purpose was to help groups of developers work collaboratively on big software projects. Git manages the evolution of a set of files – called a repository – in a sane, highly structured way. Git has been re-purposed by the data science community. In addition to using it for source code, we use it to manage the motley collection of files that make up typical data analytical projects, which often consist of data, figures, reports, and, yes, source code. In this presentation aimed at beginners we will try to give you an understanding on what git is, how it is integrated in Rstudio and how it can help you make your projects more reproducible, enable you to share your code with the world and collaborate in a seamless manner. (abstract strongly inspired by the intro from happygitwithr.com)

Hope to see you there!

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