Save On an Annual DataCamp Subscription (Less Than 2 Days Left)

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DataCamp is now offering a discount on unlimited access to their course curriculum. Access over 170+ course in R, Python, SQL and more taught by experts and thought-leaders in data science such as Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel (R-Studio), Hadley Wickham (R-Studio), Max Kuhn (caret) and more. Check out this link to get the discount!

Below are some of the tracks available. You can choose a career track which is a deep dive into a subject that covers all the skills needed. Or a skill track which focuses on a specific subject.

Tidyverse Fundamentals (Skill Track)
Experience the whole data science pipeline from importing and tidying data to wrangling and visualizing data to modeling and communicating with data. Gain exposure to each component of this pipeline from a variety of different perspectives in this tidyverse R track.

Finance Basics with R (Skill Track) If you are just starting to learn about finance and are new to R, this is the right track to kick things off! In this track, you will learn the basics of R and apply your new knowledge directly to finance examples, start manipulating your first (financial) time series, and learn how to pull financial data from local files as well as from internet sources.

Data Scientist with R (Career Track)
A Data Scientist combines statistical and machine learning techniques with R programming to analyze and interpret complex data. This career track gives you exposure to the full data science toolbox.

Quantitative Analyst with R (Career Track)
In finance, quantitative analysts ensure portfolios are risk balanced, help find new trading opportunities, and evaluate asset prices using mathematical models. Interested? This track is for you.

And much more – the offer ends September 25th so don’t wait!

About DataCamp:
DataCamp is an online learning platform that uses high-quality video and interactive in-browser coding challenges to teach you data science using R, Python, SQL and more. All courses can be taken at your own pace. To date, over 2.5+ million data science enthusiasts have already taken one or more courses at DataCamp.

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