New version of cgwtools package is up

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I’m happy to present some info about the latest version of cgwtools, my collection of handy “toys” which make everyday work in R a bit easier.   Enjoy!
The newly added functions include:
base2base – Function to convert any base to any other base (up to 36).
binit — Create histogram bins for each unique value in a sample. That is, automatically use the unique values as bin ranges, rather than dividing up the overall range by some factor.
cumfun  —  Function calculate the cumulative result of any function along an input vector.
maxn , minn   —  Functions to find the n-th maximum or minimum of a vector or array.
which.maxn ,  which.minn — Functions to find  locations of the n-th maximum or minimum of a vector or array.
polyInt  — Function to find intersection points of two polygons.
segSegInt  — Function to find intersection point between two line segments (NOT lines).

Other functions previously provided:
approxeq  — Do “fuzzy” equality and return a logical vector (rather than a single status as all.equal does).
dim  —  Function to return dimensions of arguments, or lengths if dim==NULL.
findpat  — Function to locate patterns ( sequences of strings or numerical values) in data vectors.
popd , pushd  —  Performs equivalent of ‘bash’ command with same name
getstack —  Returns the current directory stack that pushd and popd manipulate
dirdir — Wrapper function around dir() which returns only directories found in the specified location(s).
lsclass, lssize,  lstype — list all objects with the specified class, size, type .
lsdata  —  List all objects in an ‘.Rdata’ file.
maxRow, maxCol, minRow, MinCol  —  Functions which mimic ‘max.col’ to find minimum or maximum of rows or columns.
mystat —  Calculate and display basic statistics  (max, min, mean, median, std dev, skew, kurtosis) for an object.
resave —  Add some objects to an existing ‘.Rdata’ – type file.

seqle  — Extends ‘rle’ to find and encode linear sequences.
inverse.seqle — Inverse of ‘seqle’

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