RXSpreadsheet: a new library for editing spreadsheets with Shiny

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The goal of RXSpreadsheet is to create a wrapper for the x-spreadsheet JS library: https://github.com/myliang/x-spreadsheet. The x-spreadsheet JavaScript library is created by https://github.com/myliang and all credit goes to this person. RXSpreadsheet is a lightweight wrapper that allows you to use this library in your Shiny applications (without any JavaScript knowledge).

The editor has most common spreadsheet functionalities such as styling, validation and functions.  You can test RXSpreadsheet by installing the GitHub version with devtools::install_github(‘MichaelHogers/RXSpreadsheet’) and subsequently running RXSpreadsheet::runExample(). This wrapper was made by Jiawei Xu and Michael Hogers. We are aiming for a CRAN release over the coming weeks. Special thanks to NPL Markets for encouraging us to release open source software.

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Michael Hogers

Software Developer at NPL Markets Ltd. NPL Markets facilitates efficient transactions between buyers and sellers of illiquid portfolios and non-performing loans throughout Europe.

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