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For Cyber Week only, DataCamp offers the readers of R-bloggers over $150 off for unlimited access to its data science library. That’s over 90 courses and 5,200 exercises of which a large chunk are R-focused, plus access to the mobile app, Practice Challenges, and hands-on Projects. All by expert instructors such as Hadley Wickham (RStudio), Matt Dowle (data.table), Garrett Grolemund (RStudio), and Max Kuhn (caret)!
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Skills track:

  • Data Analyst with R

    • Learn how to translate numbers into plain English for businesses, whether it’s sales figures, market research, logistics, or transportation costs get the most of your data.

  • Data Scientist with R

    • Learn how to combine statistical and machine learning techniques with R programming to analyze and interpret complex data.

  • Quantitative Analyst with R

    • Learn how to ensure portfolios are risk balanced, help find new trading opportunities, and evaluate asset prices using mathematical models.

Skills track:

  • Data Visualization in R

    • Communicate the most important features of your data by creating beautiful visualizations using ggplot2 and base R graphics.

  • Importing and Cleaning Data

    • Learn how to parse data in any format. Whether it’s flat files, statistical software, databases, or web data, you’ll learn to handle it all.

  • Statistics with R

    • Learn key statistical concepts and techniques like exploratory data analysis, correlation, regression, and inference.

  • Applied Finance

    • Apply your R skills to financial data, including bond valuation, financial trading, and portfolio analysis.

Individual courses:

A word about DataCamp
For those of you who don’t know DataCamp: it’s the most intuitive way out there to learn data science thanks to its combination of short expert videos and immediate hands-on-the-keyboard exercises as well as its instant personalized feedback on every exercise. They focus only on data science to offer the best learning experience possible and rely on expert instructors to teach. 

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