Decision Modelling in R Workshop in The Netherlands!

The Decision Analysis in R for Technologies in Health (DARTH) workgroup is hosting a two-day workshop on decision analysis in R in Leiden, The Netherlands from June 7-8, 2018. A one-day introduction to R course will also be offered the day before the workshop, on June 6th. Decision models are mathematical simulation models that are increasingly being used in health sciences to simulate the impact of policy decisions on population health. New methodological techniques around decision modeling are being developed that rely heavily on statistical and mathematical techniques. R is becoming increasingly popular in decision analysis as it provides a flexible environment where advanced statistical methods can be combined with decision models of varying complexity. Also, the fact that R is freely available improves model transparency and reproducibility. The workshop will guide participants on building probabilistic decision trees, Markov models and microsimulations, creating publication-quality tabular and graphical output, and will provide a basic introduction to value of information methods and model calibration using R. For more information and to register, please visit: